Indian Pale Ale (IPA) – a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale IPA’s became popular in mid 19th century England. Having a long history in both Canada and the United States many breweries produce their own version of an IPA

Developing it’s distinction in the 18th century as a more hoppy beer than the typical pale ale IPA’s grew to become one of the most common and popular ales in the world today

Below are some of the many IPA’s we’ve tried and reviewed.

The Indian Pale Ale’s

Come drink beer in historic Butte, America – Butte Brewing Company

The top brewery in Butte, Montana and most historic, Butte Brewing Company, quickly became my favorite the day I arrived in this city. The new infrastructure of the brewery is a good looking building, and resembles the old Butte mining architecture. Butte Brewing Co. was founded in 1885, and has been a staple of the […]

Stop in Anaconda for one of Montana’s best – Smelter City Brewing

Two creative and innovative owners of Smelter City Brewing, renovated this fascinating brewery in the historic Electric Light Building at 101 Main, Anaconda. The restoration of the building is gorgeous, for the honeycomb tile behind the bar and the ceiling tiles makes for one beautiful tap room. Smelter City Brewing’s historic flare and signature image […]

My first trip to small town Philipsburg, Montana

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny winter day, which made it perfect to go on a small road trip. My friend, his girlfriend and I, headed to Philipsburg around 10 a.m. Friday morning, including a fun plan of beer and candy. Philipsburg is a small town (population: 921) and in the county seat of […]