Sports is my passion! From a very young age I have always been a sports enthusiast, from little league baseball to high school football I have always enjoyed the game and the competitive nature the world of sports brings to every day life.

I was born in Orlando, FL and moved to Los Angeles, CA when I was three. Growing up I played baseball, basketball and football in my hometown of Santa Clarita. I was always passionate about the game just as much off the field as I was on it. Collecting football and baseball cards throughout my childhood. My passion switched more towards music in High School and followed me to school in Flagstaff, AZ where I went to the community college there and practiced my craft. However, the desire to pursue Sports Journalism was kindled in 2019 by my best friend who had already been writing for his blog and webpage “Sports On Draft.” I was so inspired by his enthusiasm and joy that I decided to join him in the journey. An avid Boston Red Sox and New York Jets fan I can also be found at Washington Redskins games with my dad, and wallowing in the misery of my birthplace NBA team the Magic.

Cheers to the joy of sports and a cold brew.

Me with my Dad, Week 2 2017 NFL Season
Washington Redskins – 27 @ L.A. Rams
– 20

Max’s Favorite Teams


NFL – AFC East


NFL – NFC East