Pale Ale – probably the most broad category of beer; the Pale Ale (not to be confused with a pale lager) is a top fermented beer made predominately with pale malt. It is this high concentrate of pale malt that gives a pale ale its light color. The term ‘Pale Ale’ came about as a way to describe beers made from malts dried with high-carbon coke (type of porous fuel derived from coal)

While the use of coke for dry roasting malt goes back to the mid 17th century it wasn’t until the start of the 18th century that the term Pale Ale began to be applied to these brews. Highlighted by its hopped integrity and noticeably different taste customers at the time referred to pale ale’s as bitters, so as to distinguish between the less hoppy milds and porters.

Below are some of the Pale Ale’s we have tried and reviewed.

The Pale Ale’s


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