Helena, Montana has a great variety of breweries, and cruising through downtown features the high-rated Blackfoot River Brewing Company.

The owners and former Howling Wolf Homebrewers, started it all in Downtown Helena, and applied their theme as well as ideas into a brewery what is now Blackfoot River. The ‘Howling Wolf’ is one of my favorite symbols, artwork I’ve seen out of the breweries in Montana.

Blackfoot River Company is well known for their beer crafting philosophy, using high quality and traditional ingredients. This brewery takes great pride in their fine recipe of malt, yeast, and hops – you can really taste the love in their beer.

Speaking of ingredients, Blackfoot River’s most popular brew right now is the “Singlemalt IPA”.

According to Blackfoot River, Singlemalt IPA is with Lemondrop hops + Morita, Thai, and Adobo Chipotle chile peppers. The Lemondrop hops name alludes to the aroma descriptors of lemon, mint, green tea, and slight melon.

Another featured beer, in which I tried and enjoyed is the “Smooooth Cream Ale”.

The Smooth Cream Ale is Blackfoot River’s lightest of the brewery’s everyday beers. Easy drinking and crisp, yet still medium-bodied, and satisfying with a reputable 6% ABV for a cream ale.

Blackfoot River offers over 10 beers on tap, pretty much every type of from browns to IPA’s. I was hoping to try their Smoked Porter, but it was not available, so I might have to make a trip back.

Blackfoot River had almost one each type of beer you could think of.

It was packed at the brewery by the time I arrived around shortly after 7 p.m. (probably because they close at 8 p.m.). The atmosphere was cool with two bar tops, one when entering, and one upstairs.

This brewing company gives you a complimentary beer when filling up a growler, which I think is pretty cool. You can fill up the growler upstairs, or on the way out, also where the merchandise and apparel is.

All around great beer, staff, and atmosphere at this neat brewery in Helena, so if your in downtown area come check out the wonderful Blackfoot River!

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