Pumpkin Ale – a unique style of beer popular in the United States the Pumpkin Ale is a seasonal beer that can be produced by using pumpkin flesh combined with malt and/or other common beer grains in the mash bill, adding fermentable sugars to the wort.

Another common practice in the brewing of Pumpkin Ale’s is the addition of other spice flavors in order to evoke the flavor of a Pumpkin Pie. There are many variants of pumpkin ale such as pale ales, porters, stouts and wheat beers. The brewing of such ales with the use of pumpkin dates back to 1771 Colonial America

Below are the types of Pumpkin Ale’s we’ve tried and reviewed

The Pumpkin Ale’s

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Quarry Brewing’s Chuck Schnabel, has out done himself with the 12 Beers of Christmas project, specifically Day 3: The Pumpkin Ale. This pumpkin ale exceeded my expectations immediately with just […]

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