Hazy Ale (IPA) – a juicy and balanced mix of citrus hops Hazy IPA’s are the true ‘Coastal/Island’ beer. The citrus hops in a Hazy help bring out the fruity characteristics that really embody the tropics.

Expect hints of ripe strawberries, papaya and mango in these IPA’s, add in the near 6 pounds of hops per barrel and you have one hoppy beer that delivers bitterness without the cynical bite. Get your sunscreen and flip flops out for this Tropical delight.

Below are the some of the different Hazy’s we’ve tried and reviewed

The Hazy Ale’s

Pineapple Mango Milkshake IPA All Day

The best beer I’ve tried for quite some time is KettleHouse’s “Pineapple Mango Milkshake IPA”. KettleHouse Brewing is one of the top notch breweries in all of Montana and they love experimenting with Milkshake IPAs. KettleHouse is located in Missoula, a great hub of reputable breweries that are highly well known throughout the state. The […]

Stop in Anaconda for one of Montana’s best – Smelter City Brewing

Two creative and innovative owners of Smelter City Brewing, renovated this fascinating brewery in the historic Electric Light Building at 101 Main, Anaconda. The restoration of the building is gorgeous, for the honeycomb tile behind the bar and the ceiling tiles makes for one beautiful tap room. Smelter City Brewing’s historic flare and signature image […]

Channel your inner president at The Lincoln Beer Company

One of the dopest spots I have been to in not only Burbank, but also LA County, is a beautiful castle that features a fascinating brewery called, “The Lincoln Beer Company.” As said best from the company, “whether you want to get out of the house, or the state, the Lincoln Beer Company is conveniently […]


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