Brown Ale – a style of beer with a dark amber / brown color. Originating in 17th century London, brewers used the term Brown Ale to describe their ‘mild ale.’ Though, throughout the years it evolved and by the 18th century brown ales had become a lightly hopped ale brewed from 100% brown malt.

Currently brown ales can be found all around the world but most notably in England, Belgium and America. Widely different from the pale beers, the only thing the two share in common is being top fermented. Brown ales are typically less bitter and showcase caramel and chocolate flavors to go with a nutty and malty profile. Brown Ale’s can be both bold and light but almost always smoother than a Pale Ale.

Below are some of the Brown Ale’s we’ve tried and reviewed.

The Brown Ale’s

A Closer Look: Golden Road Brewery, LA

Golden Road Brewery has always been one of my local and favorite pubs back home in Los Angeles. Their beers like: Mango Cart, Get Up Brown, and Point the Way IPA, are very popular in the grocery stores, liquor stores, and restaurants in LA. The brand Golden Road, continues to grow and is quickly becoming […]

The 2018 LA Beer Fest was a success 

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 LA Beer Festival, it was my first, and certainly won’t be my last. I finally was able to take a Saturday off work, and join the renown beer event in Downtown Los Angeles. The LA Beer Fest featured over 80 breweries and 200 beers for everyone to […]

Double Filbert, double the trouble

Transplants Brewing has released an imperial version of their chocolate hazelnut brown ale, called the “Double Filbert.” This double brown ale recollects the delicious, rich taste of the Filbert, enhancing its essence yet with a 10% ABV. The Filbert is one of Transplants’ fan favorites, the mixture of the nutty and sweet chocolaty flavor makes it their signature brown ale.