It All Started With A Resolution

It was January 1st, 2016 New Years Day, thats when Sports on Draft all began with one simple post, called “New Years Day Resolutions”, and it started with an alliteration about resolutions and sports. It was a fun way for me to talk about sports, and link it with real-life situations, such as New Years resolutions, in which I described how much of a joke it was. 

I posted the blog on my Tumblr account that I had forever ago, (or maybe I created one then, who knows) and began my writing journey. An overwhelming feeling of joy, and satisfaction came to me when people reacted to my first blog, the liking, and re-posting fueled a flame and my new years resolution was clear.

That post gave me a certain kind of sensation, feeling of accomplishment, and inspired me to start something new, something great. It was a humble moment for me; I expressed myself in my writing, and people followed, and wanted to hear. That day I became a blogger, the day I felt pride and joy in my writing. 

I’ll Have Whats ‘on Draft’

The Sports part of our brand is well covered, but the ‘on draft’ portion of the name is a different story. 

The inspiration began when I started to go to breweries all over Southern California, rather than just bars or restaurants, which made me develop more of a passion for craft beer. 

The only distinctive memory I can think of is when I was at my favorite brewery Transplants in Palmdale, CA. I was just sitting there, staring at the bartender pouring me my next beer.  I continued to write my latest blog, and then it hit me… on draft… everything is better on draft so why not Sports? SportsonDraft became the new title and brand for my New Years Resolutions simile.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

In 2019, Sports on Draft became a team effort when my old co-worker and best friend, Max McLaughlin, became inspired by my work. I was honored to have such an interest and brought him on as a second author. In June, he embarked with his first article, and since than, we have become more inspired than ever before. Fueled off of each others passion the page began to grow and we soon realized, the sky was the limit.

SportsonDraft is unique, and that’s what I wanted – a fresh take on draft. So welcome to Sports On Draft the best place to get all your sports and cold brew news. We appreciate you and are proud to welcome you to our little sports blog world