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Christopher Marlin

Three words: I love sports. Doesn’t matter if it’s catching a Major League Baseball game at Dodger Stadium or sipping a cold brew with my friends during football season… Oh yeah, I guess you could also call me a ‘beer enthusiast’. I know what your thinking… just sports and beer? Well, not only is it my enjoyment and satisfaction, it was also a gateway to my true passion and calling writing; and more specifically sports journalism and craft beer blogging.

Straight from the TAP at Telco

I had played sports all my life, especially soccer, but then transitioned into football while a student at Hart High School, located in the city of Santa Clarita, CA. I even had aspirations to keep my dreams alive and try out for the CFL, Arena Football, or maybe even in the NFL for professional kicking, but that never came to fruition. Today, I am learning that life is tough living on your own at such a young age, and balance is key, not only in life, but especially in journalism.

Throughout my journey I’ve accomplished an AA in English and even explored further collegiate options in Journalism while still in California. Although complications arose, I found myself taken in another direction; one that had me headed to the Pacific Northwest. I found myself setting down roots in Butte, Montana during the fall of 2019.

After exploring a few months in Montana, I ventured into Spokane, Washington before the COVID pandemic moved me elsewhere, I ended up re-establishing myself in California, and have continuously updated my sports and beer journey throughout this blog.

Exploring Salt Lake City

It is easy to say I’ve found a niche in writing and blogging on what I’ve always enjoyed throughout my life: sports and beer. I’ve even followed that passion into my current work environment at a local brewery. My favorite teams include: Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Knights.

My Favorite Teams