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Welcome to Homage Brewing, a funky microbrewery where you can grab a beer and bust a move. Located in industrial Chinatown, this unique brewpub specializes in barrel-aged wild ales and other classic styles, but also includes a dance floor complete with DJ.

Homage Brewing’s taproom has a wonderful, modern aesthetic. Photo Credit: Homage Brewing

Homage Brewing can be considered a hidden gem for many because it is directly behind the Highland Park Brewery, one of the most popular breweries in Los Angeles. After leaving Highland Park, I stumbled upon Homage spotting a pleasant patio filled with dogs, toddlers, and their tattooed parents – I decided to join.

Relax and have a beer outside Homage Brewing’s patio. Photo Credit – Hopped

As we walked in the brewery, I began to gaze at Homage’s intricate drink menu, and asked myself, “what is a mlíko style pour?”. The beertender explained, “it’s a pour filled with foam, with just a bit of beer at the bottom.” Then he reiterated, “but, you need to chug it.”

“Future Days” hazy IPA (left,) “Wave” German pilsner mlíko pour (middle), and “City Pop” jasmine rice lager (right).

I immediately ordered a couple mlíko style pours, and just thought the notion of doing a ‘shot’ at a brewery was fun. And so did the beertender, as he mumbled, “now I want one.”

The mlíko style pour reminded me of my experience at a brewery in Salt Lake City called, “T.F., a.k.a. Templin Family Brewing“. T.F. Brewing offered some of their draughts as a “Ein Schnitt”, or “A Cut”, a pour with half beer/half foam for only $3. I thought it was a good deal, and just a unique idea which I haven’t seen offered at a brewery since then.

I recently saw another mlíko rendition in the Untappd series called, “The Next Exit”, and in one episode the host chugged “milk tube shots” at a brewery in Cincinnati. It is interesting to see some of the tweaks of the foam-based pour at different breweries.

While the weather became warmer, we decided to move inside the garage and explore the taproom which featured a long bar counter, a disco ball, and a DJ set. This is where the party begin – the dance floor is packed on Friday and Saturday nights until 1am.

A beautiful modern and clean aesthetic inside the taproom.

I really enjoyed the artistic and modern aesthetic of Homage, and it really reflects the hipster vibe of Highland Park.

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