Lager – a type of bottom fermented beer that is conditioned at low temperatures. Lagers can be pale, amber or dark in color. The Pale Lager, however, is the most commonly consumed and popular style of beer in the world.

Lagers were first brewed in caves during the medieval period and until the 19th century the term lager was mostly given and associated to any type of cool conditioned bottom fermented beer. A parent category to the Pilsner lagers are some of the easiest and most refreshing beers to drink.

Below are some of the Lager’s we have tried and reviewed.

The Lager’s

The 2018 LA Beer Fest was a success 

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 LA Beer Festival, it was my first, and certainly won’t be my last. I finally was able to take a […]