The top brewery in Butte, Montana and most historic, Butte Brewing Company, quickly became my favorite the day I arrived in this city. The new infrastructure of the brewery is a good looking building, and resembles the old Butte mining architecture.

Butte Brewing Co. was founded in 1885, and has been a staple of the beer culture in Butte since. According to the Great Falls Tribune, for 50 years it was remembered on faded advertisements Uptown and pined for by fans of Butte Special, a signature beer.

The original building of Butte Brewing Co.

The Montana Standard reported in 2012, Homebrewer Tony Olsen rose to the occasion to buy the brewery trademarks when they became available. The original Butte Brewing Co. closed in 1965.

A long period of hard work followed between the Butte Brewing’s ground breaking opening in 2015. They have certainly influenced Montana’s beer scene the past several years.

Great Falls Tribune interviewed Butte Brewing’s manager, Jerry Beck, pointing out all the beer started with the Homebrewer Tony Olsen. “All the beer recipes are Tony’s. He homebrewed for years, and it’s been his lifelong dream to have a brewery.”

The Old No. 1 IPA – named after Butte’s Old No. 1 trolley – has been in highest demand, but the Honey Cream Ale has been making progress now that’s in distribution. Made with real Montana honey, the beer is great and has become very popular in Butte.

Arriving at Butte Brewing Co., I was very impressed with their variety, for they had twice as much beers on tap as the other two breweries in town. I am a fan of this brewery’s IPA’s, and they even have a hazy, which I noticed – hasn’t exactly been a norm in Montana (especially coming from California).

Butte Brewing Co. has the most variety of craft beer in town .

The Mountain Haze IPA, is a not bad hazy, it is more of an New England IPA for me. It is not nearly cloudy enough to be a true haze, nor has that starch or thick consistency to it.

I think I remembered my friend at Butte Brewing, actually telling me that the brewer wasn’t exactly successful in brewing the hazy, so they just called it a New England IPA, which tastes identical to the Mountain Haze. I sort of hold my hazy IPA’s to a high standard coming from the best in LA.

The Green Monster Is probably the most popular IPA besides the Old No. 1. With a high 7% ABV, and very soothing, easy to drink, it is a great beer to enjoy and get your buzz on.

Nelson Pale Ale, Rye Amber Ale (I enjoyed the Eureka Amber a bit more), a Robust Porter, and Sweet Stout fill in the lineup.

I really enjoyed the Vanilla Porter and Sweet Stout after trying it in a flight along with the signature Honey Cream Ale, when I first arrived to Butte Brewing. These easily became my favorites and now my goal is to sample new beers at the brewery.

Sweet Stout, Vanilla Porter, Eureka Amber, and the Honey Cream Ale make a great flight.

Butte Brewing Co. is not only well known for the diversity in their brew, the brewery will awe you with the superstructure and quality of the building. This easily has the nicest atmosphere out of the breweries I’ve been in Butte, and it also has a nice little patio near the front entrance.

The patio area gives you a great view and nature vibes.

Recently, on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, I sat down and enjoyed the ‘hazy’ IPA in the patio area.

Enjoying the Mountain Haze on a sunny afternoon.

It was very sunny, with a light windchill and a temperature a bit over 40 degrees (which is nice weather in January for Butte, Montana). I haven’t gotten the chance to check out and enjoy the outside area, since it’s been so damn cold these past few months.

Once the weather starts to warm up, I’ll be taking advantage of this beautiful atmosphere outside.

I’m not really a fan of lagers, but like I mentioned, I want to try more of the taps. After having the “Butte Bock Lager,” I was actually very impressed and would get this beer again.

The Butte Bock Lager – a nice, light mellow beer.

Complex, rich maltiness is dominated by the toasty-rich flavor, according to the brewery. Butte Brewing describes the Butte Bock also with low caramel notes that are balanced with hops to support the malt flavors, allowing a bit of sweetness to linger into the finish.

It’s nice to come upstairs, and get away from the noise, and enjoy your beer.

Butte Brewing’s reputable brew, the vast/quality architecture, and popular staff with locals, make for the best brewery in town. What is also really cool about this brewery is that it is the only one in Butte that is open at 12 everyday, most brew pubs I’ve been too in general, usually open at 3, 4.

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