Yes, fall season is here; and before we dive into porters and stouts into the winter season, grab that last summer taste with Stone Brewing’s Buenaveza Salt and Lime Lager. It’s a refreshing decision.

While I’m not the greatest Oktoberfest fan, I did do my part by trying out several different Marzens, Oktoberfest lagers. Speaking of lagers, it is football season, and there’s just something you look for to continuously sip on during game time – which for me is the Buenaveza.

We all know how big time it is with beer when it comes to Stone Brewing, and for me personally, I was taken back by their latest creation of the Buenaveza. Mainly being acclimated to Stone’s bitter, strong profile in their brew, I was excited to see them do something different.

I can appreciate the background and the origin of the birth of the Buenaveza, especially as a Southern Californian resident, it is “vibrantly inspired by our neighbors of the south.” Stone describes it as a ‘Baja-inspired’ Mexican lager brewed with sea salt and lime.

I love me some Mexican lagers and after tasting the Buenaveza, it really hit the spot. This beer is very refreshing still on a hot day in LA, because Southern Californians know that it doesn’t get ‘cold’ really until December, January.

The salt and lime taste, really just adds that extra bite, that separates the Buenaveza from other Mexican lagers. Stone Brewing just did a great job brewing this Mexican lager, it is my favorite go-to beer right now!

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