Image Credits: Jakob N. Layman//Golden Road Brewing (

Golden Road Brewery has always been one of my local and favorite pubs back home in Los Angeles. Their beers like: Mango Cart, Get Up Brown, and Point the Way IPA, are very popular in the grocery stores, liquor stores, and restaurants in LA.

The brand Golden Road, continues to grow and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the California brewery industry. They have now five locations all the way from LA to Sacramento, and it is a must see if one of their brew pubs are in your city.

I have visited the LA brewery location on San Fernando Road, which is only a hop, skip away from Griffith Park in Atwater Village, and right off the 5 Freeway. This is very accessible if you live in local places in the Los Angeles County like San Fernando, and Glendale.

The Vineyard outside the brewery is one beautiful ambience, just a great outside patio area to sit, and enjoy your beer in the beautiful California weather. It’s an extraordinary backyard vibe to be in, especially during the summer, and also a perfect area to bring your dogs!

Golden Road has their classic, popular beers mentioned above like Mango Cart, Get Up Brown, but also they have some great hazy IPA’s. One of my favorite hazy beers of all time is the “Huckleberry Haze.”

I became very familiar with the Huckleberry Haze because they, in fact, had this on tap at the restaurant I worked at called, Lazy Dog. This was my first introduction to huckleberries, which helped point out my infatuation for them.

In Southern California, huckleberries are not very common, but they are very popular in the north west, especially in the state where I live now, Montana.

The Huckleberry Haze is yes fruity, but it is just an incredible smooth hazy IPA, that I literally could drink all day. I always recommended it to guests whenever they walked in the restaurant, and hopefully it will still be there waiting for me when I come back to LA.

Golden Road also has a great food menu at the brew pub I visited. Me and my lady had the Carinatas Poutine Fries, which were outstanding. From snacks, to burgers, and tacos, they have a wide range of delicious food.

The atmosphere at Golden Road is one of the sole reasons that make it worth going, especially this location, it really reflects the beautiful culture that is LA. The brand itself is a great one, and I’m sure the other locations are just as great.

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