In Westside Missoula, one of the breweries that really caught my eye was Imagine Nation. A couple friends locally told me about the brewery and I made it a priority to finally see it for myself.

Love the colors and vibe of this brewery before I even walk in

Imagine Nation is very unique in the fact how they serve the community, according to their website, they are the first microbrewery and center for community transformation. A big part of their brand reflects “the celebration, dialogue that address the challenges of our time and fuel social changes in Missoula, Montana, and more.”

INBC has hosted over 3500 community events, and 25% of the profit was given back to the region. I was very impressed and shocked by these numbers, and the fact that Imagine Nation stood for something much greater than just beer.

Again, I was taken away by their passion and necessity on the community and our culture, which I somewhat hinted on their logos and some of the apparel inside the brewery that stood for a powerful message.

When I arrived Wednesday afternoon, I took a few pictures of the beautiful landscape around Imagine Nation. I absolutely loved the patio overlooking westside Missoula, including a beautiful scenic atmosphere right by the river bank.

Beautiful view from the patio

The inside of the Imagine Nation was a bit small, but it worked. Ultimately, the beers were what I came for.

Colorful vibe inside the taproom

My favorite beer I tried by far was the “Lupujus 9”. This was one incredible smooth New England-Style Triple IPA.

Sipping the Lupujus 9 at home. My favorite beer glass of all time! Love the tulip 🌷 glass

With an astonishing smooth taste for an ABV of 9.5%, the Lupujus is massively juicy, and flavorful. I get hints of pineapple and passion fruit, and it is loaded with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic hops.

I can’t say enough how incredible Imagine Nation did with brewing Lupujus 9. They had brewed it last anniversary and swore they wouldn’t brew it again until several people like myself just raving about the beer.

Gotta love the Buffalo shaped flight.

Zeitgeist Fruited Double Berliner Weisse was my second favorite beer I had tried. I’m not a huge fan of sours, or this type of beer but it was extremely tasteful. Probably some of my favorite fruit flavors were included in this brewing process: mango, passion fruit, and guava.

It doesn’t get much better than Imagine Nation. I am a huge fan of this brewery and definitely will be back.

Downtown Missoula is of course a great time, and if your in the area, add Conflux Brewery to the list.

Love the patio at Conflux

Atmosphere really alone, this is one of the nicer spots I have been to in Montana. When I walked into Conflux, the ambience reflected an expensive LA cocktail bar.

Such a cool, trendy LA vibe to Conflux’s taproom.

The funny thing is that Conflux had cocktails, as well as wine and food. I just loved classy vibes that Conflux provided, and overall just represented a stylish reputation of Main Street.

I’m a big fan of patios, and Conflux included a upstairs and downstairs patio which was awesome. It’s a great place to sit outside during the wonderful summer weather.

Gorgeous infrastructure at Conflux

Looking at the menu online, there was a few beers that weren’t available and of course it was the two I would’ve picked to try out. I definitely will have to come back to try the “Kessel Run Milkshake IPA”, and the “Drum Kick Java Stout”.

To be honest with you I don’t really remember the beers that I tried, mainly because I had just one small flight and one of those included “Take a Whiff” New England IPA.

Take a Whiff is definitely a nice hazy IPA. It is double dry hopped with azacca and el dorado, and has a big floral and tropical nose.

Great place to stop by if your on Mainstreet.

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