One of the dopest spots I have been to in not only Burbank, but also LA County, is a beautiful castle that features a fascinating brewery called, “The Lincoln Beer Company.”

As said best from the company, “whether you want to get out of the house, or the state, the Lincoln Beer Company is conveniently just three minutes away from the Burbank Airport.” This unique establishment is something to be seen; so “grab a flight before your flight, some happy hour, or even a crowler to go.”

The ambiance of the Lincoln Beer Company entices you, and gives an exclusive invitation like entering the President’s Castle. Inside this castle, lies one impressive, fancy brewery.

Not only is the atmosphere something to awe about, but the beer is just simply impressive. Lincoln Beer rotates their seasonal taps often like most successful, sufficient breweries, and they are all pretty much delicious.

Lincoln Brewery has a great entity of hazy IPA’s, and soothing pale ales, including one of my favorites, The Lemon Drop.

The Lemon Drop, probably my favorite pale ale.

The Lemon Drop is a very zesty, lemony pale ale that is just easy to drink at 6% ABV, and is enjoyable especially during summer time.

I decided to go with a light palate on my flight, starting off with the Lemon Drop, and then trying some of their tasty IPA’s.

Lincoln’s juicy IPA, “Subtle Smurk” was fantastic, as well as Lincoln’s new release “Herb Fruiterson”, a hazy double IPA that was to die for. I have to say their light beers, especially their series of IPA’s are the best – some of the best I’ve had in quite some time.

Herb Fruiterson, one delicious double hazy IPA.

Some of the popular beers that are a must try are their “Big Blueberry Waffle”, an imperial wheat ale, and “Samba with Friends”, a hazy IPA. Lincoln Beer also has a delicious milk stout, “How Now”, so they have a great variety in their brew.

The rotating taps have changed a bit since my last visit at the Lincoln Beer Company, but still has a few of their staple beers.

I was very impressed with the beers, setting, and also the friendly staff at the Lincoln Beer Company. Go ahead and try some of their gummy bears that pairs well with the brew!

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