I wish I could hire someone for my blog who specifically does word puns…then I wouldn’t have to worry about spending so much time with some of my silly article titles.

I will be reviewing beers that I have purchased through Tavour, a ground breaking app that features some of the highest rated craft brews all over the world. I have recently bought my first shipment, which was approximately 12 beers or so.

The Piña Colada Shake IPA will be a beer to remember.

So I’m not a big fan of coconut, but I do however like the taste of piña coladas. MAN…this Milkshake IPA is exactly what I expected… just so damn delicious.

The coconut aroma, followed by the pineapple, vanilla taste, and then again coconut, reminisces a picture perfect piña colada. The sweet, milk sugary mouthful made it just so tasty.

Westbrook Brewing did a wonderful job overall with this beer, but also implementing the perfect amount of lactose that adheres to the milkshake IPA profile. You’ll be buzzed before you know it after slammin’ this 7% ABV piña colada.

This is one of my favorite milkshake IPA’s I’ve ever had…

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