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Anytime I see an IPA from Anchorage Brewing appear on my Tavour account, I add it to my crate immediately. Like most people nowadays, I am a big fan of IPA’s, and Anchorage has some of the best Hazy, DDH IPA’s I’ve ever had.

Anchorage Brewing caught my eye right away with their fascinating artwork. The edgy, dark, skull and wolf type beer cans completely intrigues the consumer into buying first and asking later.

According to Craft Brewing Business, Anchorage has one of the top 10 beer labels on Tavour, along with their wonderful artist Michelle Jack (@wolfskulljack_art).

The Elk Prince, TIPA by Anchorage Brewing. Photo from Craft Brewing Business

Michelle Jack is an Artist that “Speaks in Forest and Wolf Teeth” as stated in her Instagram Bio. She is a volunteer at Wolf Watch UK, a wolf rescue center, which explains her passion for wolves and reflects some of the Anchorage’s dark characteristics that is accompanied by such animals.

Anchorage Brewing’s illustration symbolizes the intense wilderness that is Alaska, but also gives you an idea how extreme the beer can be.

“Are Wolves endangered with extinction in Alaska?” OUPblog

Holding one of Anchorages’ beers feels powerful, or it should if your a true craft beer fan. It doesn’t get much better when you get to try a brewery that’s the best in it’s respective state, and is a part of the Top 100 Breweries in the World.

A part of the reason that why I am so fascinated with some of Anchorage’s IPA’s is the unique hop combo and some of the ingredients they use to brew. For example, Phantasm Powder, a unique ingredient in craft beer, has been used in a couple releases from Anchorage.

Phantasm, an “Unreal” New Ingredient Making Hazy Beers Even Juicier, stated by Hop Culture
Photography courtesy of Phantasm NZ

There are so many IPA’s, and so many breweries, so beer companies sometimes need to think outside the box, and differentiate themselves in order to be competitive. Anchorage definitely has that way of thinking, especially in their IPA’s.

Anchorage’s “Better This Way”, is a DDH with Strata, Melba, Galaxy, and Motueka hops

Anchorage’s unique ingredients like Phantasm Powder, never ending variety of hop combinations, and extraordinary thiol boosting yeast techniques certainly translate to much more than the typical IPA. You will know right away that this isn’t the run of the mill Sierra Nevada, or Lagunitas IPA.

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