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The Brooklyn Nets have been the subject of an epic downfall from our modern NBA ‘super teams’ in regards to recent news concerning Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. With rumors swirling around the Nets’ superstars, it reflects back to the state of the league, and how the NBA has changed dramatically throughout the years.

When the “Last Dance” came out in midst of the pandemic, it gave sports fans something to look forward too. The incredible documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ season in 1998, changed the viewers’ perspective immensely on Jordan himself, but also gave insight to how the NBA was in that era.

Before Jordan retired with the Washington Wizards, he stayed with the Bulls his entire career. Amidst the drama and toxic environment concerning the Bulls’ front office, Jordan found a way to stick together with his team and win a 6th NBA Championship.

Michael Jordan is not a fan of the super teams era.
Image Credit: Clutch Points

Nowadays, you rarely see teams in the NBA that stay intact. While there is always the reason for change, the essence of trade and contracts are simply taken advantage of.

For example, Kevin Durant, requested a trade last week with the Nets and he still has four years left on his contract. It is bizarre to the NBA world that he has done so, considering Kyrie Irving opted in with the Nets just days before Durant made such headlines.

The whole situation with the Nets is an utter dumpster fire and it all started with James Harden.

The Nets signed a deal with the devil when they acquired Harden from the Rockets as part of a four-team trade, losing several first round draft picks that are now costing them dearly. Harden duped the Nets, and had a quick one-season stint with the team and left them for the 76ers.

The drama continues for the Nets and it transitioned from Harden to Irving, now the concerns are with Durant.

Before the Nets formed the ‘Big 3’, Michael Jordan commented on the notion of super teams and that “it will hurt the league”. According to essentiallysports.com, Jordan said, “the super team concept is hurting the league from a competitive standpoint.”

After the recent drama with the Nets, it is hard to argue with Jordan’s comments about super teams in the NBA.

The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, also isn’t exactly a fan of the super team era. Silver praised the Milwaukee Bucks recent title run and how it is was great for the league.

After the Milwaukee Bucks won the championship last year in 2021, 2-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo explained in the post-game conference that he was proud of his team, and that “he did it the right way”. Giannis mentioned that he could’ve asked to he traded and try to join another super team, but he wanted a challenge and stick with the Bucks.

Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, spoke on how he was proud that he and his team won the 2021 Championship the right way.
Image Credit: Sporting News

Giannis was obviously riding high from his title victory when he made those comments, but it was certainly a bright spot for the NBA. The Bucks’ 2021 championship win reflected that you don’t have to join a super team in order to win a championship.

The super team that changed the NBA: LeBron James and the Big 3 in Miami

The “Heatles” starring LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. Image Credit: NBA.com NBAE/Getty Images Copyright: 2013 NBAE

Friday, marked the 12-year anniversary of “The Decision” and how LeBron James trade to the Miami Heat changed the NBA dramatically. It was almost like an earthquake for the league – a seismic moment that affected not only Cleveland, but all over the globe.

When LeBron James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, the Heat were a big target and got tons of animosity from opposing fans. James had more pressure than he ever had in his entire career and it was almost as if the spotlight was on him every single game.

I have been a Heat fan since Shaquille O’Neal got traded to Miami back in 2004, and in 2010 all the hate came my way when I wore that No. 6 jersey that was LeBron James. Looking back at it, I guess now I could understand some of the hate from people who weren’t a Heat fan…wether it was jealousy or frustration, or the fact that they were more or less the first super team assembled.

Even just as a fan, you could feel the weight on James’ shoulders as he tried to catch his first NBA title when the ‘Big 3’ was assembled in 2010. James had failed in many eyes in his first season in not winning a title, even though he made it to the Finals.

The Heat, however, and LeBron James captured their first title together as the super team constructed and finally silenced the doubters.

LeBron James’ elation when he finally got the monkey off his back after winning his first title in 2012.
Image Credit: NBA.com // NBAE via Getty Images Copyright: 2013 NBAE

James and the Heat were a great team and the camaraderie with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh panned out very well. Obviously these superstars would’ve liked to win at least one more title, but winning two NBA Championships in four seasons is a great accomplishment.

The “Heatles” was LeBron’s favorite nickname for the team because they sold out everywhere they went just like the Beatles. Pointing back to the disarray that is the Brooklyn Nets, maybe people now will give that Miami Heat team some more credit.

Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors and helps makes them a dynasty

The Golden State Warriors had one of the most potent starting 5’s in the shot-clock era.
Image Credit: ESPN.com

Before Golden State Warriors became a super team with Kevin Durant, just like Giannis said about his team, they originally “did it the right way”. And by doing it the right way was simply starting by drafting Steph Curry.

Steph Curry, other than LeBron James, has changed the game of basketball forever and the essence of the 3-pointers, and spacing on the floor will go down in history.

Curry who was already coming into his own, found another Splash Brother in Klay Thompson, and found a gem in Draymond Green. The Warriors quickly had a Big 3 on their hands without having to bargain any trades or shell out big money before they became superstars.

The Warriors found great success without Kevin Durant and then after getting beat by LeBron James in the Finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State looked for more firepower. Thus, Durant and the Warriors super team era began.

Durant dominated with the Warriors and was the best player on that, even with Curry there, and ended up getting two championships. Then Durant left and got traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Then, there were the Nets: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden

The Nets’ super team was over within a blink of an eye. Image Credit: Back Sports Page

The latest super team that has been a big subject of this blog post is of course the Brooklyn Nets and the recent downfall. The Nets first got hosed by James Harden, leaving the team just after one season.

Now will Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant abandon ship? Well it certainly doesn’t look good after the recent trade request news with Durant, and Kyrie Irving’s rumors to join the Lakers.

All in all, the Nets are in deep water and will be interesting to see how and when they hit the rebuild button. The front office for the Nets have to plan for the worst, and after all of the drama, one cannot rule out a complete rebuild.

LeBron and Lakers go all-in with Westbrook

All eyes are on this Lakers’ super team next season, after disappointing in 2021.
Image Credit: The Insider

LeBron James and Anthony Davis found their success in the second season with the Los Angeles Lakers when they won the 2020 NBA Championship. James and company had to come together and face adversity in a great fashion, for sports changed dramatically during the pandemic.

The most recent title might be one of the most special one yet for the Lakers franchise in years after everything the team had been through and for NBA players in general. That has been the real highlight for that Lakers’ team as constructed, because evrything has been down hill since.

The Lakers were desperate for another title run, and LeBron James delegated a bold move in convincing the organization to sign Russell Westbrook.

The new lakers ‘super team’ didn’t pan out very well last season as they failed to make playoffs and the team appeared completely lackluster. Westbrook put up some of the worst numbers in his career, and Anthony Davis continued to be sidelined from injury.

It has been a fail for the Lakers’ team that they’d hope to contend for another title, and have very limited cap space after shelling out for Westbrook ($44.21 million salary).

It will be interesting to see how the team does next year if the Lakers’ stars will actually get more playing time together as a unit.

In my perspective, these particular NBA super teams listed above are just some of the prime examples in regards to how they have affected the league. There have been several NBA super teams in the past two decades, and you could name over 10 that didn’t live up to expectations.

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