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Media Referee (Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors reach their sixth NBA Finals under the Splash Brothers era, and are closing in on a fourth NBA championship. Curry’s sixth trip to the Finals out of eight seasons certainly adds to his legacy, Kobe Bryant never did that, nor did Tim Duncan.

Speaking of legacy, Curry is approaching the greatness of LeBron James. Wether or not Curry catches LeBron, he already is well positioned this month to surpass Kobe, Durant, Bird, Magic, and Wilt on the all-time great list (via CBS Sports).

Curry has already been named as ‘the greatest shooter in the history of basketball’ from the likes of Stephen A. Smith and others, and is ranked No. 15 all-time in NBA history, according to the Athletic. Would a fourth title for Curry cement him in the NBA’s top 10 all-time list?

The NBA all-time great list is always fun to debate, and there is no doubt Curry will improve his current ranking if he wins the NBA title this year.

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