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Monday was certainly a night to forget for the Cleveland Browns and their quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield and the Browns stunk up the field on Monday Night Football, losing their rival game against the Pittsburgh Steelers 14-26.

Baker Mayfield continues to struggle with the Browns to say the least.

On Monday night, the Browns’ offense could hardly buy a first down. Mayfield just looked bad, he actually became the first player this NFL season to throw 10 straight incompletions in a game.

In a season where Mayfield needs to prove to the Browns organization that he should be dealt a new contract this offseason, it looks like it’s going to be an easier decision for the front office after dreadful performances like such. The Browns might just have to start looking elsewhere for a signal caller.

After the game, Mayfield confirmed he will have surgery to repair the torn labrum in his shoulder.

While his shoulder may have hindered his performance, it is now apparent that Browns fans are tired of Baker Mayfield. The criticism continues for the Browns quarterback and will linger into this offseason.

Is Baker the problem in Cleveland?

The Browns have had their struggles to put it mildly. But after drafting Mayfield with the first overall pick in 2018, then trading for Odell Beckham Jr., the Browns were hopeful about their future.

Aside from his playoff win at Pittsburgh one year ago, Baker has regressed each year. With arguably the best backfield in football, and several pro bowlers on offense, the Browns were actually atop the favorites in the AFC, but they just have failed to meet expectations.

It’s going to be a long and interesting summer for the Cleveland Browns.

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