The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense got cooked on Thursday Night Football. They were served well-done from star RB Dalvin Cook.

What a time it was for Cook to return to the field on Thursday, for he was questionable all week, and ultimately became a game-time decision until 90 minutes prior to kick off. Minnesota’s star hit the ground running right from the get go – running for over 153 yards just before half time (the most first half yards in his career).

Hall of Famer QB Troy Aikman spoke about the massive holes that Cook was running through on Thursday.

“I have never seen running lanes and open gaps this big ever in my career”, said Aikman. Cook had 5 runs that were over 15 rushing yards, the most by any player in the last two decades.

It was shocking to see a player come off an injury, and just dominate the way Cook did. Let’s credit this Minnesota Offensive Line, for they punched the Steelers in the mouth right the start, leading 23-0 by halftime.

Cook by far had his best game of the season, finishing the game with a whopping 205 rush yards and two touchdowns. This was a very encouraging performance for not only fantasy managers, but the Vikings as well.

Minnesota’s running game has struggled the past month, so it was a good sign for this team to get back on track with playoff aspirations still hanging by a thread.

According to ESPN FPI, the Vikings have a 32% chance to reach with the playoffs. They play the Bears twice in there next four games, along with a tough matchup against the Rams and Packers.

The Vikings are a much better team than there 6-7 record says they are. Minnesota is actually on the brink of setting the NFL’s all-time record for one-possession games this year.

There is no team this year that has more heartbreaking losses than the Vikings do, for they now have 12 games that have been decided by one possession. The current record is 14 one-possession games in a season, set by the Giants in 1994 and equaled by the Ravens in 2015, according to Pro Football Talk.

Can the Vikings win out if there running game keeps it up?

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