The New England Patriots have won their seventh straight game after defeating the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football, 14-10. New England now sit alone atop AFC after their wild finish in Buffalo.

It was a bizarre win for the Patriots.

New England somehow won the game on the road with only 3 pass attempts, fewest by any team since 1974. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick had a mastermind game plan on Monday, after seeing the fierce winds and winter temperatures in Buffalo.

With 60 mph winds blowing, Josh McDaniels and the Patriots head coaching staff had a crazy game plan and it paid off.

The Patriots-Bills ‘Gust Bowl’, was a unique chess match on MNF. Belichick is certainly no stranger to playing in harsh weather conditions, and it showed on Monday night.

Belichick and the Patriots have ground out some of the greatest bad weather games in NFL history. Remember “The Tuck Rule game?”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady celebrates a fourth-quarter touchdown against Oakland in January 2002.CHIN, BARRY GLOBE STAFF/THE BOSTON GLOBE -

The 2002 AFC Divisional Playoff between Raiders and Patriots is definitely a top, memorable game. It was undoubtedly snowy, and also bitterly cold.

The Tuck Rule game, however, was infamous because of a sack from Charles Woodson on Tom Brady, and we all know what happened after that. This game was just another example of getting a big win in intense weather conditions.

Was Patriots win on MNF more about them or more about the Bills?

After a dismal 2-4 start to the season, the Patriots are red hot with their 7th straight win. The Bills are now two games behind the Patriots in the AFC East, and are starting to slide at the wrong time.

While it is hard to really take away too many things from the last nights loss for Buffalo, but it does resonate with Patriots that they are built for games like that.

Could the New England Patriots make a run to the AFC Championship?

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