QB Russell Wilson struggled once more in his second game back from injury in a 15-17 heartbreaking loss to the Washington Football team on Monday Night Football. Wilson perhaps had his last real chance to revive his Seattle Seahawks’ dwindling playoffs hopes in prime time.

Taylor Heinicke, though it may seem strange, was the better quarterback for most of Monday night.

The Washington Football team has now won three games in a row, with the help of QB Heinicke and the defense playing at a high level. Heinicke is looking like more than just a legitimate backup quarterback, some teams might just be considering him as a primary signal caller next season.

Was Monday Night Football more about Seattle or Washington?

While Washington has been playing well recently, the focus had to be more about Seattle. Even with injuries, the Seahawks are a better football team than Washington.

The general consensus is that the Seahawks should’ve taken care of business on MNF.

The Seattle Seahawks struggles continue, and really have been just an average football team the past couple seasons now. It now seems like the Marshawn Lynch, and ‘Legion of Boom’ era was over a century ago.

Seahawks were desperate for a win last night, and now, are 0-3 since Wilson returned to the field from a fractured finger. It is likely now Seattle will miss the playoffs with a daunting record of 3-8.

Wilson has been issuing warnings to the Seahawks front office for some time now – if these struggles continues, he will be out in Seattle.

Last offseason, dating back to early as February, Russell Wilson talked on the Dan Patrick Show about how he wouldn’t be surprised if teams called to inquire about him, but wasn’t sure whether he was available or not. The trade buzz grew more and more when Wilson expressed his frustration regarding the struggles on the offensive line and his lack of protection.

It will be hard to imagine Wilson in another NFL uniform, but now with the crucial loss against Washington, trade whispers in Seattle will start to commence. Head Coach, Pete Carroll, has been another hallmark of the Seahawks franchise, and he too might be gone next season.

Is it time to just completely clean house in Seattle?

Photo Credits: Brian Pan/Seattle Seahawks Seahawks.com https://www.seahawks.com/news/seahawks-qb-russell-wilson-strives-to-be-the-best-in-the-world-to-ever-do-this

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