The Dallas Cowboys lose in heartbreaking fashion 36-33 on Thanksgiving afternoon against the Las Vegas Raiders, just after winning the coin toss in overtime. Following their 4th quarter comeback and receiving the first possession in OT, the Cowboys had all the momentum going forward l, and yet they still failed to capitalize their opportunity on Thursday night.

While the Cowboys were without their top two wide receivers CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, they were still expected to win against the Raiders. Cowboys’ offense still has the firepower to put up points even without some of there best players, this is why they are primarily a dangerous team in the league.

Is the problem with the Cowboys still on defense?

Dallas’ defense surrendered over 500 yards to the Raiders’ offense and were penalized a franchise-record 166 yards.

Raiders’ wide receiver, Hunter Renfrow, by far had his best game of year against the Cowboys with eight out of nine receptions for 134 yards. DeSean Jackson, 35, also burned two Cowboys defenders for a bomb in the end zone early in the game.

On ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Tim Tebow talked about the Cowboys’ defensive struggles.

“That’s the biggest problem: getting beat in man to man coverage”, said Tebow. Tebow like others, believes the real concern is in the secondary, the Cowboys need to get better in deep coverage.

The infamous Cowboys hater that is Stephen A. Smith, shed light on Dallas’ disappointing losses this season.

“They shouldn’t of lost to Denver, and they shouldn’t of lost to the Raiders last night,” says Smith. I’m starting to hear footsteps from the NFC East.”

While Stephen A. Smith is certainly right about Cowboys’ bad losses, it is also still the “NFC Least” that we are talking about.

This Cowboys team should still win their division. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are a surging team, but the New York Giants and the Washington Football team still have their problems.

The Cowboys will be fine, but these last two games have been an eye opener – they cannot afford to keep losing like they did on Thursday night. It will be a tough matchup for Dallas next week against the New Orleans Saints, whom likely will have star Alvin Kamara back from injury.

Photo Credits: (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)(Michael Ainsworth / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

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