On the open market since being cut by New England at the end of preseason, Cam Newton is scheduled to meet with with the Carolina Panthers regarding a potential reunion with the franchise. Newton could rejoin team in wake of injury to QB Sam Darnold, according to The Charlotte Observer.

ESPN Senior NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, believes Newton will be signed with his former team as soon as this Thursday afternoon. “By the end of the day, I believe he is going be on the roster. To me, if your bringing him in, your signing him,” said Schefter.

Waking up to this news – was shocking, not just for me, but I’m sure for the football world as well.

Newton has sort of been treated like a castaway after his release from New England, teams have reportedly not shown any interest to sign the former 2011 MVP. Now, with an injury to the Panthers starting QB, the team is acting fast to keep them relevant this season.

How much of a sign of desperation is Carolina showing by reaching out to Newton? It is at least a reflection on how this team really struggles on offense.

Prior to his injury, Darnold, has been playing like one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. He already has tied his number of interceptions (11) he threw last season for the Jets, and threw three of them alone last Sunday in a blowout loss to New England with his lowest QB Rating of 26.3.

Newton has had his fair shares of struggles himself in recent memory with New England, but now has a chance to redeem himself with his former team.

If Newton is healthy, and can still show his dual-threat ability as a quarterback, he will already have an upside over Darnold. Darnold has actually had some success rushing the ball for the Panthers this season, but never has come close to Newton’s running ability.

Newton is the most experienced QB with the Carolina Panthers

BREAKING NEWS: The Carolina Panthers agree to terms with Cam Newton. Darin Gantt broke the news on The Panthers website on approximately 12:04 E.T.

He’s back.

It looks like Newton has the chance to start with the Panthers as soon as this Sunday, pending a physical. Will Cam Newton shine once again with the Panthers?

Photo Credits: https://twitter.com/nfl_memes/status/1458845712104534016?s=21

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