The Chicago Bears got hosed on a couple bogus calls on a last minute drive in a 27-29 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but QB Justin Fields’ comeback performance in the second half gives optimism for the Windy City.

Fields came through last night for the Bears with taking a 27-26 lead late in the 4th, after only scoring 3 points in the first half. Chicago ended up losing on a two minute drive that was just filled with flags and controversial calls.

The NFL is adamant this season with enforcing a stricter policy of taunting penalties, and it was the call that haunted the Bears in a heartbreaking loss Monday night.

Bears’ Cassius Marsh stepped up for his team in a big way, and made the defensive play of the game with a sack late in the fourth, only to be penalized with a ‘taunting celebration’. Marsh stared down the Steelers’ bench after his sack, and the refs threw a late flag for taunting.

While Marsh didn’t say anything, the refs still did not accept the actions he was insinuating to the opposing team. It was an unfortunate call, and the MNF commentators did not agree with it one bit.

“It’s pretty clear to everybody who saw it that I wasn’t taunting,” said Marsh. Marsh, like others, were in awe that the refs made that call.

The Bears lose in another dramatic fashion, and there season is pretty close to nearing an end, but they have something to look for with their first round pick at quarterback. Justin Fields looks like he can be that guy for Chicago.

While he has had some early struggles this season, Fields has shown flashes of potential with his incredible speed and athleticism.

Justin fields shows off his scary athleticism

While Fields has a strong arm, his running ability is what already separates him from the previous quarterbacks for the Bears. He is only going to get better, and his athleticism is just something you don’t teach.

It will be interesting to see how the Chicago Bears will draft this off-season.

Photo Credits: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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