I will be doing my prediction on the NFL gameday scores, wether it’s Thursday, Sunday, or Monday, Sportsondraft will be featuring a new edition of football analytics.

While it’s been hard for football fans to find a Thursday Night game in the NFL worthy to watch, Week 9 is yet another case of the stinkers – featuring the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts. Yeah…not the sexiest game, but hey it’s football.

If you are however, a fantasy football fan, like the greater part of America these days, then you might be watching the featured running backs of this game. The Colts’ Jonathan Taylor, and Jets’ Michael Carter, will be the featured fantasy players of the week.

Aside from fantasy, I believe the snoozefest on Thursday Night will be a relatively low scoring game for New York of course, and ultimately Indianapolis. I got the Colts winning 31-17 at home.

I guess you could tell that I am not a fan at all of these two teams, I believe I speak for the majority that there’s a less priority for this Colts-Jets matchup. I feel for the Jets fans though…not winning a super bowl in over 50 years, and the Colts, well, just reeking utter mediocrity even since the Andrew Luck days.

Since Peyton Manning has left the Colts, they just have been one of the more boring teams in the league, i mean their not awful, nor a great team, just mediocre.

Carson Wentz is trying to bring his name to good fortune again this the rebirth in Indianapolis, and he has just done that – starting off the season hot while in the midst of several injuries. His hot streak however, has came to a hult last week against The Tennessee Titans, throwing two interceptions and scoring a season low 68.3 QBR.

Wentz will have the chance to redeem himself against the 2-5 Jets, and are favored by 10 points at home.

The Jets will have to get their defensive pass rush going, in which they have been playing well, scoring 3 sacks last week and having a solid number of QB hits. Their secondary has been the issue, allowing some of the most scores in the league to opposing offenses.

New York will hope to have new QB Mike White with another superhero performance, along with running back Michael Carter. We will see if the Jets can make another surprise in week 9.

I apologize if I offended any Colts, Jets fans in the process of this blog. Hopefully will be a better game as I presumed! Cheers 🙂

Attributed to @GettySport

Photo attribution: https://mobile.twitter.com/i/events/1392659989722898432

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