Hazy, juicy, and tasty — that is a Revision Brewing haze craze for ya. 

Revision’s Pour Decisions is a Northeast-style Hazy Triple IPA that features Vic Secret, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. This fascinating release, keeps raising the bar with the brewery’s great hazy reputation.

As mentioned several times on this blog, I have Revision as one of the best all-time, in terms of their hazy IPA’s. I am on a mission to try all of them! 

Pour Decisions – more like the best decision, is a result of another great recipe of hops from this brewery, making this one of the best hazy IPA’s today. This hazy triple is dangerously smooth, and delicious for 11% ABV.

Sip this hazy during the day, relax, and feel that solid buzz as the sun sets over your face. 

The one thing that sticks out with Pour Decisions is that is almost like a juicy IPA, because it is so smooth, and drinkable. You almost forget that your drinking a triple, because Revision is the master at blending fruits and hops. 

This beer has a near full-bodied malt flavor with some earthy fruitiness, with hints of pineapple, or possibly passion fruit. You can’t really taste any of the bitterness from the triple, and which is why this is such a great creation.  

Thank you Revision Brewing!  

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