LAFC bounces back from their hangover against the Galaxy last game, and puts on a show Friday night in LA with a 4-3 win against the defending MLS champs.  

The climax in the LAFC-Atlanta United match was taken place mostly in the first half, after a 12-minute blitz by LA that resulted in four goals. Atlanta scored a goal in the second half, but LAFC was able to hold on.

LA Head Coach, Bob Bradley, likes to employ the attack-attack approach many times during the games. Even though LAFC maintained a one-point lead, they still wanted more, and almost scored another goal in the second half. 

Sometimes, the best defense is offense. 

This game started with some sort of sucker punch from Atlanta, scoring a goal in just the second minute, but you couldn’t tell if you didn’t look at the scoreboard. The entire stadium was filled with chants, people decked out in LAFC gear, and was surrounded with great vibes. 

The energy at the Banc of California Stadium was incredible. It is hard to explain what it is really like until you go to the game. 

Being at the stadium felt like more than just a game, more like a brand, a true essence of culture. 

The 32-52 represents the fan base and the culture of the LAFC, the birth of an incredible new team and possible dynasty.

I was fortunate enough to go to my second game, and this time my girlfriend surprised me with tickets in the Founder’s Club level. It was quite a different experience with mine last year at the Field Club, but was still an amazing time. 

Me and my girlfriend at Founders Level.

LAFC has blown up insanely over the past two seasons, becoming the next to really represent LA. This team is really like the Lakers, for these franchises already have so many similarities in terms of their fan base, and culture. 

You should do yourself a favor, and set yourself in a great atmosphere that is a LAFC game. I am dying to go to the next one, go LAFC!

Me and my old time soccer trainer and friend, Lucas Bongara.

Featured image by Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports.

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