“Industry Disrupted”, by Local Craft Beer, has some of the most respective hazy IPA’s in the game right now. This innovative brewing company made shockwaves when they put West Coast IPA’s in bombers, for they were ‘disrupting the beer industry’, so LCB used this reference for fun in their new release. 

LCB’s All Haze on Me, has to be one of the best hazy IPA’s I ever had, by far. They utilize a ton of different hops in their brew, and Industry Disrupted is one of them. 

I’m not a huge hoppy beer fan, but I will make an exception for this one. This beer is super hoppy, actually triple dry hopped – with Citra, Mosaic Hops, and more. 

This brewery has may just some of the best hazy creations in all of the United States. If you go to a craft beer liquor store, just a four-pack will cost you over 20$. 

Industry Disrupted has a nice soothing, fruity introduction that reminisces pineapple, mango, and a passion-fruit like taste. LCB described the beer to be dry, but soft, like a Brut IPA, but more drinkable. 

It is hard to find incredible, drinkable beers with an 8.5% ABV, like LCB has. This brewery, along with Revision Brewing, and Modern Times,pave the way for how hazy IPA’s should be. 

Go sit back and relax, get lazy with a hazy on your day off in the sun. Cheers. 

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