Dwyane Wade is going going, back back, to Miami Miami! The Miami Heat re-acquire Wade, the player of their franchise, and the move could not have come at a better time for the team with brinks of playoff contention.

The Miami Heat surprised the league and Wade himself with requesting a trade for their all-time franchise player, officially reconstructing the Cleveland Cavaliers’ All-Star roster LeBron James helped assembled at the beginning of the season. By the time the NBA Trade Deadline concluded Thursday, the Cavs stunned the league with over 6 trades – including former All-Star/MVP caliber players.

Initially the moves made by the Cavs were not understood or applauded, and to which I agree. I mean how could you let go of player like Isaiah Thomas for Jordan Clarkson, and oh, Larry Nance Jr.?

No disrespect to the Lakers’ athletic young guns but Isaiah Thomas is a MVP caliber type of player. To say the Cavs reshaped their roster is an understatement, I mean they had basically cleaned house in a span of 18 hours, per ESPN.

Cleveland’s dramatic change is surprising, but is good for the league in my opinion – especially with trading Wade back to Miami. Someone who is a believer of this trade, and coming back to one’s hometown, commented on the trade.

“I’m excited as hell for him,” LeBron James, friend/teammate, said in a statement. “That’s how it should be.”

James showed nothing but excitement for Wade, as he was likely reflecting on his decision back in 2014 when we returned to Cleveland. This is a good look for King James, and the NBA.

Restoring Wade should make Heat and the Eastern Conference more of a road block for the Cavaliers, giving the league more parody in some aspects of experience vs. youth.

Some critics of this trade believe the Cavs actually have a better chance to return to the NBA Finals now because “they are much younger” – which is ridiculous. Just because the have added a few more athletic players doesn’t necessarily give them an advantage in the postseason, experience is vita — especially in playoffs.

Photo by Erik Drost (Dwyane Wade) [CC BY 2.0],via Wikimedia Commons

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