Modern Times’ Black House, coffee stout, will give you a buzz that’s equivalent to a caffeine rush while your headed to class.

If you’re a coffee lover, than you will become a fan of this lovely java, roasty stout. Modern Times brewing put it best, It is definitely like drinking a chocolate espresso.

This delicious coffee stout will give you a buzz that will creep up after just your first round or two, for the Black House is a nice, full- bodied dark beer overall. It consists of 75% Ethiopian + 25% of Sumatran roast, giving it that special java flavor.

A big reason why the Black House will be one of the most unique stouts you will ever try is because Modern Times is one of the only breweries in the world that actually roasts their own coffee. Pretty cool right?

I guess San Diego breweries really do have it all – beaches, babes, AND coffee.

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