Despite UCLA Football ending a bad note on recruiting, there still is optimism for Bruins Nation because they have Josh Rosen.

Just in his first collegiate year as a true freshman, Rosen was quickly recognized as the one premiere quarterbacks in all of College Football. UCLA Football Head Coach, Jim Mora, believes his freshmen quarterback Josh Rosen would’ve been chosen No. 1 overall in this year’s 2016 NFL Draft.

“In my opinion he (would have been) is the best quarterback in the draft and would’ve gone first,” Mora informed the Rich Eisen Show on Friday.

Mora’s high praise for the High School All-American is fitting; the five-star sophomore quarterback is coming off an unbelievable season last year as a true freshman. According to, Rosen had over 3,669 yards passing, 23 touchdowns, and an incredibly high rating of 134.32.

Josh Rosen came to UCLA in 2015 with big expectations, and he certainly lived up to those pressures of being Scout’s No.1 rated quarterback, per Scout 300.

UCLA’s recent strike-outs on the 2016 recruiting class isn’t as bad as it looks for Bruin Nation, for they have the top-rated quarterback coming into the 2016-2017 season. Even last year as a true freshman, Rosen was one of leading quarterbacks of the league – his coach stated Rosen would’ve been chosen No. 1 overall if eligible, even ahead of Wentz and Goff.

Rosen has already proved himself to be one of the best quarterbacks, and one of College Football’s top premier players. This should shed some light on the dark, grey cloud that is currently hovering over the recruitment department.

Even after losing four-star recruits, key starters to the NFL, UCLA will figure out a way to still be one of the most dangerous teams in the Pac-12.

With Rosen as UCLA’s starter, Bruins’ pro-style offense shall remain a-float. Having confidence from the head football coach himself, UCLA will actually be in much better shape than most people think.

Like the NFL, College Football too, is a quarterback-league.

Photo by Eric Chan from Hollywood, United States (DSC_2057) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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