Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett is expected to accept the head coaching position for the Bears Friday, shortly after Thursday’s announcement to fire head coach Art Briles. 

Following the release of a report on the school’s response to allegations of sexual assaults by students, top officials from the university quickly initiated an indefinite suspension for Briles, ultimately resulting into a termination.

Evolving the team from a perennial loser to a national contender, Bear’s coaching staff, personal, and fans are shocked and devastated from the unexpected decision. College Football analysts and reporters also are stunned from the sudden move, reiterating Briles as one of the most successful coaches to be fired in any sport.

After eight seasons of excellence with the school, Briles’ imprint on the team has been recognized as one of the most influential and greatest impacts by a head coach in the history of College Football.

Bear’s front office hopes to void the possibility of a tarnishing legacy by offering the interim job immediately after the firing of it’s Head Coach Thursday. According to, multiple sources have told ESPN’s Jeanine Edwards that Bennett is expected to accept the job offer Friday.

Bennett, 60, has been the Defensive Coordinator for the Bears the past five seasons. He has already established head coaching experience with SMU, instructing the Mustangs respecting from 2002 to 2007.

It seems that the next man up is a logical one, but the question is he the real candidate for the job?

College Football sources have already been comparing/contrasting other big names for replacing Briles, – who is privileged and deserving to be the face of a national contender, and one of the most talented teams in the country? While Bennett may be the interim head coach for this upcoming season, may wonder who will be the coach the following year, and further.

While Bennett has all the tangibles and a perfect resume for the job, however, it would not be any surprise for the Texas faithful that their Bears’ may pursue a bigger name in College Football.

Bear’s interim head coach definitely has some big shoes to fill; the team continues to rise through the ranks, easily being one of the best teams today in college football. Briles has set the tone Baylor, and now is Bennett’s job to pick up high flying pace of the national contender.

Firing such a well-known coach, especially who has left behind an honorable legacy and established a new identity of the team, sort of reflects the Joe Paterno situation with the Nittany Lions back in 2011.

Except this Baylor team has a lot more potential; the talented squad has a chance a Top 5 ranked College Football team for years to come.

Briles will go down in history as one of the most successful coaches in Baylor history, and to have one of the biggest impacts as head coach today in college football. As the Art Briles Era has officially come to a close, all eyes are on now on Bennett and the new state of the Baylor Bears.

Photo by original: Gary Sanderson derivative: Diddykong1130

[CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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