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The Utah Jazz appear to be in a rebuild mode after trading away their star center Ruby Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and are on the verge of losing their other best player, Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell, like Gobert, has requested a trade from the Jazz after the team has collapsed several times in the playoffs year after year.

The Jazz has exhausted their franchise players after the team had failed to live up to expectations, and now it is evident that it’s time for a change.

This past 2021 NBA season, the Jazz were sent home in an early playoff exit from the Los Angeles Clippers. Not only did Utah lose to an inferior, Kawhi Leonard-less Clippers team, but the Jazz also blew a 25-point lead in Game 6.

Utah had true potential with NBA All-Star players Gobert and Mitchell for years, and they just simply didn’t get the job done. It’s time for the Jazz to blow it all up and start over.

Now that the Jazz are in rebuild mode, where will Donovan Mitchell go? According to ESPN, Utah Jazz now are willing to listen to Donovan Mitchell trade scenarios.

The first team to come to mind for Mitchell, at least in my perspective, is the Miami Heat.

South Beach should be No. 1 for Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell’s No. 1 Trade destination should be Miami if he wants to win.
Image Credit: Fadeaway World

Earlier this summer, there were some ‘hints’ at a future possible trade destination as Donovan Mitchell and a few Heat players posting pictures together on Instagram. Wether it was just fun and games, it made people speculate and in the end, a trade to Miami would make sense.

The Miami Heat were a 3-pointer away from reaching the 2022 NBA Finals, it would’ve been their second Finals appearance in just two seasons. Jimmy Butler carried the Heat in the playoffs, but his team has a lot of youth and promise as the unit constructed.

While the Heat are a solid team, it appears that they really are just one more great player away from being a real championship contender. And that player could be Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell could go rogue and join the dark side in Brooklyn

The Nets are a very likely destination for Mitchell.
Image Credit: Fadeaway World

The Brooklyn Nets certainly makes sense for not only for both trade partners in Utah and Brooklyn.

The Nets are obviously in deep water with the possibility of losing both star players in Durant and Kyrie Irving admits all of the drama circulating this off-season. Brooklyn has made it clear that they will not trade Durant or Irving for anything less than a All-Star and a bundle of draft picks.

Mitchell could be the Nets’ ticket out of their current mess. The Jazz could certainly get a boat load of picks and acquire an NBA All-Star at the same time.

Maybe Donovan Mitchell sells his soul to the New York Knicks

New York has the most draft picks, viable trade package for Donovan Mitchell right now.
Image Credit: Clutch Points

You could make an argument that if Mitchell wants his money, and really wants to get the most out of his dollar, it will be with the Knicks.

It will be all about money, however, if Mitchell goes to the New York Knicks because it would be a real long shot be a championship contender with that possible team constructed.

According to NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, The New York Knicks could duplicate the Minnesota Timberwolves’ trade package for Ruby Gobert. While this could be an ideal trade for the Jazz, would it really be ideal for Mitchell?

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