Who says donuts and beers don’t go hand in hand? Frogtown Brewing teamed up with Donut Friend for a special brewer curated Beer and Donut pairing flight this Friday for National Donut Day!

Courtesy of Frogtown and DonutFriend

Frogtown even released their brand new Hefeweizen for this wonderful beer and donut pairing! Their staff included an Emo/Alt Rock Playlist to for guests to jam to while enjoying this event.

Frogtown hinted some Easter eggs in regards to some of the band names for their playlist on Friday.

Frogtown already had released their menu for the beer and donut pairing on their Instagram. The flight comes with the traditional set of four 5oz Beer Tasters, but this time with four mini donuts.

Frogtown wonderfully selected this unique line up of beers in order to pair perfectly with Donut Friend.

Frogtown’s donut and beer pairing sold out almost immediately, even before they were able post it on IG. And luckily, I was able to get one of the extra tickets that was listed in their bio.

I think I might of had a donut and beer pairing before, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember when, so I’m glad this refreshed my memory.

A fun Friday with my girlfriend and puppy celebrating our donut and beer flight.

The first tasting was the Whipple Street Vanilla Cream Ale and the Youth Bruleé combo, which became one of our favorites. The sweetness from the “Bavarian cream filling topped with bruleed sugar” paired perfectly with the cream ale.

The Whipple Street Vanilla Cream Ale and the Youth Bruleé starts (left) and ends with Yo La Mango and Cucumber Lime Gose (right).

All of Donut Friend’s mini donuts were absolutely delicious, but I think my favorite was the “Jelly Sound.” It was my first jelly filled donut in a long time and man did that raspberry jam go down like no other with Frogtown’s “Phantasmic Punch” Double Hazy IPA.

They always save the best for last and No. 4 is a flavor bomb that pops in your mouth – the “Yo La Mango” and the Cucumber Lime Gose. The sweet mango glaze followed by the spice from the cayenne pepper already gives your taste buds something to think about, but then the sour ale adds even more to the palate.

Frogtown’s General Manager, Mallory Jackson, mentioned that the brewers wanted to end the flight with something completely different. And it was probably my favorite donut and beer pairing.

Happy National Donut Day 2022!

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