Yes, it is that time for summer beers on the patio and what better way to do it on Main Street, just minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The urban backyard for all, Benny Boy Brewing is a great environment for local residents as well as others in LA.

There’s nothing like summer nights in Los Angeles, and day drinking on the patio, if it is indeed cool enough. So if you’re a patio enthusiast like I am, check out the wonderful atmosphere Benny Boy Brewing has to offer.

The origins to Benny Boy revolves around “Old-World traditions Ben learned during an apprenticeship in Belgium, and a new generation of hard ciders that we cannot wait for you to explore.” Benny Boy also states, “We make beer and cider the way it used to be made — with quality ingredients straight from the farm, less processing, zero filtering, and only natural carbonation.”

Benny Boy reiterates that the process in which they make their beer and cider is “cleaner, classic beer and natural dry cider. And it’s all straight from the tanks so it’s as fresh as it be.”

While I have to admit some of my least favorite styles of beer include hefeweizens and Belgian ales. But I did find some brew I enjoyed at Benny Boy, especially their Belgian inspired table beer, “Other Lover”.

Benny Boy’s Table Beer, “The Other Lover”

Other Lover, was my first Table Beer, which enticed me to give it a try. It is always fun trying a new style of beer.

Speaking of Benny Boy’s crisp and clean results in their brew, the Other Lover, was indeed fresh, and refreshing. At a mild 4.6% ABV, this table beer will be perfect for the early hours and warm temperatures this summer.

There is a separate taproom for cider, just across from Benny Boy’s brewhouse. This brewery has a good amount of space for the patio and it’s beer and cider.

The Cider bar at Benny Boy Brewing

It is pretty neat that Benny Boy takes a lot of pride in their cider, which gives the guests another option alongside beer. Benny Boy Brewing is for all!

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