San Fernando’s recently developed brewery, Shadow Grove Brewing, is a new gem for 818 residents and others in Southern California.

I have been told Shadow Grove sort of has a Donnie Darko theme to it. I thought originally that was a bit far-fetched, but now I can see some of the similarities.

Donnie Darko – Photo credit: 20th Century Fox
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All in all, Shadow Grove has a unique, ‘dark-ish’ vibe, but at the same time it’s extremely inviting.

Shadow Grove’s inviting, relaxing vibe next to it’s taproom.

Shadow Grove has a creative concept on their brand, which is “influenced by a multitude of sources.” They stated, “the design [Shadow Grove Brewing] immerses you in a storyline that is open to personal interpretation.”

The creativity that flows through Shadow Grove’s atmosphere also circulates in their brew. From English Bitters to it’s Black IPA, this brewery has some unique beers that not all breweries typically feature.

My flight started with light beers, including their unique English Bitter.

Speaking of Black IPA, one of my favorite beers while visiting Shadow Grove was the, “It Hunts at Night.”

“It Hunts at Night”, Shadow Grove’s black IPA.

It Hunts at Night is a black IPA brewed with Warrior, Centennial, CTZ & Citra Hops. Shadow Groves describes it as “hop forward with just a hint of dark roasted notes.”

This black IPA is bitter yet smooth. It has the characteristics of a dark ale, and has a 6.1% ABV.

I can’t remember the last time I had a black IPA. Or an English Bitter for that matter.

Explore and discover Shadow Grove’s “characters through the beers, while the environment and action are hinted upon in our tasting room.” It’s a fun new environment to add to your next brewery destination.

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