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Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat shocked the NBA with an improbable Game 6 victory on the road against the Boston Celtics, 111-103. The basketball gods were looking down on Jimmy Butler Friday night, after he displayed a legendary 47-point performance.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said it best, “the Miami Heat might have to clear some room in Championship Alley.” “That’s the name for the path from their home court to the locker room that is filled with wall-sized memories of greatness from Miami’s past”, said Windhorst.

Butler now cements himself in the Heat’s all-time great playoff moments along with players like Gary Payton, Udonis Haslem, and LeBron James.

Windhorst called it an ‘iconic performance’ for Butler, who has been dealing with knee inflamtion and nursing other injuries during the playoffs. Butler and his teammates showed heart on their Game 6 victory, not only coming in clutch, but again fighting through the pain.

Friday night was deja vu in Boston, Butler was reminiscent of LeBron James and his 45-point masterpiece to win Game 6 in Boston in 2012.

LeBron James’ Game 6 heroics against the Celtics was his first step to help cement his legacy as the all-time greats.
SB Nation

Contributors: SBNation.com Staff

Just like in 2012, no one would’ve thought the Heat could win in an hostile environment on the road in Boston for Game 6. And they did, yet again, thanks to Butler this time.

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