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Game 6 in Philadelphia resulted in somewhat of a déjà vu for Miami as Max Strus and Jimmy Butler became the headlines for the Heat once again, carrying their team to victory over the 76ers, 99-90. Butler was the team leader in scoring yet again with 32 points, followed by Strus with 20 points, which became the answer for the Heat in Game 6.

Miami turned on the heat in the second half of Game 6 on Thursday night, expanding a 3-point lead at halftime all the way up to 20 in the fourth quarter, helping solidify the Heat’s victory in the series, 4-2. It was a tight game in the first half, and then the Heat exploded in the second half.

Jimmy Butler reminded the 76ers that they picked the wrong guy.

As mentioned before, the Miami Heat’s team pedigree has been defense, and they showed it again in Game 6 – completely shutting down James Harden with 0 points in the second half. Harden’s historic second half was a big part due to Miami’s suffocating defense, forcing the 76ers’ star to just one shot attempt with costly turnovers.

James Harden was a nonfactor in Game 6, and Miami needs to be given some credit for that. Instead, the headlines on Friday morning more or so translate to the “76ers’ downfall,” and uncertain future.

While the NBA headlines today are more concerned with Harden and the 76ers, the reality is that the Miami Heat are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals for the second time in just three years.

The Heat might find out who they play tonight if the Milwaukee Bucks close out the series against the Boston Celtics at home, if not they will have to wait until Sunday. Either way, Miami will face their toughest task of the postseason against either of those teams.

If Miami can play collectively as a team they have all year long, they will have a great chance to play for the NBA Finals once again.

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