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Bloomberg.com (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The Miami Heat answered the bell in Game 5 on Tuesday night with a completely dominating win over the Philadelphia 76ers, 120-85. The Heat recaptured momentum and now a take 3-2 series lead.

The Heat had their most efficient offensive performance of the playoffs: 120 points on 93 possessions (129.0 per 100), according to NBA.com. Jimmy Butler once again lead the team in scoring, but he didn’t have to put up monster numbers in order to win.

Game 5 was a team win for Miami; the Heat had very balanced scoring on the roster almost as if everyone was in involved. Everyone played their part for the Heat, for it was a good day on both ends of the floor.

Guard Max Strus became the early spark for Miami offensively knocking down threes, he finished the game with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Strus had the second best stats on offense for Miami.

Not only was Strus prolific beyond the arc, but Miami as a whole was red hot from the 3-point line. They were 13-for-33 for 3 (39%), Miami didn’t look back while they lead the entire game.

Defense has always been the team’s pedigree for the Heat, for they played physical and smart. Embiid was clearly not 100%, but also didn’t play as strong or aggressively as he would’ve planned for and the Heat are partially responsible for that.

Miami simply wouldn’t allow Embiid any catches near the rim. He had just one post-up in Game 5 (though there were similar touches that could be recalled as such), according to Second Spectrum Tracking.

Embiid was doubled on that one-post up and there were times where the Heat doubled him before he even got the ball. NBA.com also mentioned, “Embiid had to catch the ball about 20 feet from the basket and go to work from there.”

The pressure is now back on the 76ers for Game 6 on Thursday.

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