America’s favorite cookie, Oreo, the cookie we all know and love, has come to beer fruition. Thanks to River Styx Brewing, Oreo lovers can taste this wonderful treat in beer form.

In ancient Greek philosophy, Eros is conceptualized as the god of blind love and romance. In this context, he is an Imperial Stout with lactose and rich aromas of chocolate and vanilla.

According to River Styx, Eros is conditioned on chocolate and cream sandwich cookies for a rich flavor that ‘will make you feel like you’ve been struck by his love arrow’.

The River Styx crew started with rich base brimming with cocoa notes before conditioning it on chocolate and loads of actual Oreos! Also stated in Tavour, the kiss of lactose keeps it all creamier than that signature “stuf”-ing.

Eros is another top feature in Tavour, it boasts an immaculate 4.35 UT (Untappd) rating! Tavour also notes smooth, silky, sumptuous currents of decadent chocolate cascade into cookies n’ cream on every quaff with roasty mocha note rising on the end.

You will definitely agree that “It’s like savoring an Oreo fudge milkshake –with a sneaky 11%ABV!”

I am certainly a long way from River Styx’s taproom in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, thus I am grateful to have the luxury of acquiring the infamous Euros from Tavour. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon Eros again on Tavour, I highly suggest you buy at least 4 cans or more.

River Styx is certainly making a name for themselves with releases like Eros, and they also have differnet varations of this masterpiece. From “PB Eros” to the Bourbon Barrel Aged version, you can try several versions of River Styx’s Eros (If it is not sold out).

The Peanut Butter Eros was even tastier.

Who says stouts are not tasty? Don’t listen to those dark beer haters out there, because they have no idea what they are missing out on!

*Picture Credit*:

Shout out to River Styx Brewing and Tavour for accredited sources in this post

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