Photo Credits:, Broncos Wire

Aaron Rodgers has let the football world know the past year about his reservations staying with the Green Bay Packers and now after his cryptic message on Monday, the speculation continues greatly. The media hints a farewell on the horizon for Rodgers as he posted on Instagram describing his gratitude in Green Bay.

Rodgers has reiterated that no decision has been made yet regarding his future with the Packers. But why would the Packer legend create skepticism in Green Bay if he has no plans to leave?

Just a week ago, Rodgers was on record saying that the Denver Broncos would be his No. 1 choice in free agency. This has been a rumor for quite a while now this past NFL season.

While it is not official yet, it appears that Aaron Rodgers could very well be in a different team this next season. Where will Rodgers go?

It is surprising in my perspective that Aaron Rodgers would want to go to the AFC after the recent QB power shift. The AFC is loaded at the quarterback position; Rodgers would have to face: Patrick Mahomes II, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow.

The path through the AFC nowadays is a tough one.

According to Fox News, Rodgers is to inform the Packers of his decision ‘soon’. Should the Broncos really be Rodgers’ first decision if he leaves Green Bay?

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