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If someone told yourself, or anyone else on the planet, that the Cincinnati Bengals would make it to Super Bowl 2022 — you probably would get mocked, or be discredited for talking about football forever. And here we are, it is less than 24 hours that the Bengals (yes, the Bengals) are going to play on Sunday for the big game.

Just prior to the NFL playoffs have begun, the mind blowing statistic about the Bengals really made some heads turn. According to research, nobody in human history has ever sent a text message about the Bengals winning a playoff game.

It really has been quite a season for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals QB’ Joe Burrow has been on a mission ever since his winning a National Championship for LSU, and now he has the chance to be a Super Bowl champion. Speaking of champions, his college teammate, Ja’Marr Chase, is another NFL anomaly this year.

Chase was an All-Pro in his first season — winning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, receiving over 1,455 yards on 81 receptions, and scoring 13 touchdowns. The Bengals star wide receiver is breaking records and showing that the future is bright for himself and his offense with Joe Burrow.

Ja’Marr Chase is the first player to win Rookie of the Year in the same season his team made the Super Bowl since 1977 (Tony Dorsett on the Cowboys).

Cincinnati has a tall task on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, who have some serious fire power on both sides of the football.

The Super Bowl LVI X-Factor

Everyone knows the matchup of the game between the Bengals and Rams will be won in the trenches.

Joe Burrow tied an NFL record in his first playoff game for being sacked over 9 times during a win. Burrow has been getting knocked down all year long, and his offensive line was really exposed during the Divisional Round against the Tennessee Titans.

Burrow will need his offensive line to play a lot better than they have been to say the least, for the Rams defensive front could be the game changer.

Former Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald, has been a wrecking ball ever since he arrived in the NFL. And now with former Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, rushing the passer – the Bengals will have a serious problem.

Rams have Pro Bowl players all over the defense, as well their offense. With several star acquisitions like Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, Odell Beckham Jr., and Von Miller, the Rams will be tough to stop.

If the Bengals want to make it at least interesting on Sunday, they will need to win the turnover battle and mainly, not completely fold like a chair on offense. The Rams are currently favored by 5 points.

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