The Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a heartbreaking loss against the Los Angeles Rams after coming back from a 24-point deficit in the second half, it was another heroic performance led by the legend that is Tom Brady. Now with over 24 players set to be free agents this offseason, including key players, is it time for the Buccaneers to simply just clean house?

There was the mutual feeling that Tampa Bay went all-in this 2021-2022 NFL season after resigning all of the Super Bowl starters from last season, most of them committing to just one-year deals. Now with a great deal of starters, including Brady himself, questionable to come back next season, what should the Buccs’ front office do now?

It all starts with Tom Brady of course.

While it is nearly just a day later than the NFC Divisional Playoffs loss for Brady and his team, the talk is already concerning Brady’s next move. Fair or not, the headline this offseason will be all about TB12.

Why Tom Brady should come back for one more year

1. Tom Brady had an MVP season at 44 years old.

Brady can certainly still play, he was the oldest quarterback in the NFL with the most passing yards and touchdowns this season. TB12 hasn’t slowed down one bit this year with 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns – he showcased the football world why he is really the goat.

2. The Buccaneers had a great chance to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

If it weren’t for a horrendous defensive play call at the last possession of the divisional playoff game, there was a great opportunity for the Buccaneers to extend the game to overtime. The defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, made some very questionable calls in critical points in that game.

3. Playing the game of football is what Brady likes to do

Clearly, Tom Brady still has some football left in the tank. While Aaron Rodgers is the favorite to win MVP, Brady has been better in almost every category except interceptions (there is a big debate that he should be the MVP front runner).

According to ESPN, Tom Brady plans to spend a lot of time with his family to figure out his decision for next season. This is fair of course, and makes sense that Brady will prioritize his family members’ perspective into his big decision.

I think football fans would really want to see Tom Brady come back for one more year. The real sports fans love to watch greatness, and the same concept goes for the NBA – it is a privilege to see LeBron James play this year because there is the possibility that it might be his last.

There is a huge challenge, however with this Buccaneers team for next season. Tampa Bay was presently constructed for title aspirations this year, now they have some big decisions to make in the offseason with all of there free agents.

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