A quick snapshot I took just outside Paperback

Paperback Brewing is helping showcase Glendale on the hardcover for LA’s sophisticated and diverse beer scene. This brewery has it all – class, quality, and culture.

The atmosphere is very lively and impressive when first arriving at Paperback, it gives off that classy bar vibe, especially with the lights and architecture.

Paperback has great architectural style and classy vibes

Also what comes to mind here is bunnies, beer, and paper! The “Bunny with a Chainsaw”, series of hazy IPA’s are phenomenal, an absolute must try when you come to Paperback.

The “Go Blue! Bunny” hazy IPA is one of the most popular beers at Paperback, and it is definitely one of my favorites this great brewery has to offer. The Go Blue is a classic take on the Bunny with a Chainsaw, that is brewed with mixed berries!

Paperback has also a great variety of different beer like some awesome sours and stouts. The “Death by Chocolate”, is a delicious German chocolate cake Imperial Stout that is also a must try.

Great variety in Paperback’s brew

Paperback not only has a great theme, but also has quality artwork. The owners Chris and Brandon has done exceptionally well with their artwork and just coincides with Paperback’s motto, “every paperback has a story to tell, and this is just the beginning.”

I’m obsessed with the artwork at Paperback.

If the brewery is super busy or your in the mood to look for more beer, the Glendale Tap is right next door. The Glendale Tap is a relaxed alehouse with an old-school vibe featuring more than 50 beers on tap & happy-hour deals.

Paperback is a must go if your in the Glendale area, it is definitely one of my favorite breweries in a hot minute. Get cozy and grab a beer upstairs in the couch area!

Me & Tito having a good time at the brewery in the upstairs area

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