The Baltimore Ravens survive again, in yet another dismal performance from Lamar Jackson and the offense, defeating the Cleveland Browns 16-10. Jackson threw 4 interceptions – a career-worst on Sunday Night Football, which resulted in the least amount of points scored for him and his team all season.

This is Jackson’s second disappointing prime time game against a favorable matchup.

While Jackson wasn’t at fault for all of his interceptions, he still did not throw the football well. A big part those inaccurate passes also is the constant pressure from the opposing defense, however the interceptions on Sunday were due to just inaccuracy and simple drops from receivers.

Next Gen Stats showed some of the mis throws on Sunday night.

Some of the mistakes that have been trending in recent weeks with Lamar goes back to what he has been criticized for since his arrival in the NFL – throwing the football. We all know a big part of Lamar Jackson’s game is his running ability, and also believe that’s his real strength.

Jackson has been adamant about proving the critics wrong, and has proved it several times in his career. Most of us remember the postgame conference when Lamar said, “not bad for a running back”, after a dominating win.

Like Lamar, the rest of the Ravens’ offense has to play better, because the drops by receivers and lackluster performances from the O-line is another problem. If the Baltimore can clean up these mistakes, they can be a dangerous team in playoffs.

Photo Credits: Jason Miller/Getty Images

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