The NBA suspended LeBron James for one game, and Isaiah Stewart two games for the altercation on Sunday. The altercation started via LeBron’s inadvertent elbow following a rebound, and it caused Stewart to bleed percussively which sparked an all out rage for the young 20-year old.

Steward ran like a wild gazelle all over the court hunting down LeBron after he was hit. While LeBron tried to calm things down, Stewart wasn’t having it.

The Pistons player had to be held back not once, twice, but over three times after being escorted to the bench. Isaiah Stewart, 20, let his emotions get the best of him and it was on display in the Lakers-Pistons matchup.

On ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith emphatically challenged anyone who opposed his position for LeBron’s suspension vs. Stewart’s. He believes LeBron definitely should not have had more of a punishment than Stewart, and thinks the young player should have even had a longer suspension.

“If it was me, Stewart would be suspended for 5 games,” said Smith. “You cannot have anybody the way he acted – you run not once, not twice, but run several times over people.”

Did the NBA get this right or is LeBron just completely immune?

Photo Credits: ESPN

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