(Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Halloween might not be over just yet, or at least in Atlanta for that matter. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons yet again, played a horrifying performance against the New England Patriots, another game that was just hardly bearable to watch.

While NFL Fantasy experts all around the globe were telling Matt Ryan owners to not start him, in which of course I ignored, and took a leap of faith and started him. In a playoff push where many fantasy managers needed Ryan to have a descent performance, probably made their stomach turn watching Thursday Night Football.

The Falcons got shut out 25-0 at home on prime time, and it was an ugly performance to say the least.

While Matt Ryan was seeing ghosts, it looked like the offensive lineman might have seen every monster in the book by committing several costly penalties. Wether it was a neutral zone infraction, offsides, false start, you name it —the Falcons’ O-Line were bad.

I also have Lamar Jackson, and last Thursday, Jackson played one of his worst games of the season, and maybe career. Jackson has been one of the best quarterbacks this season, at least in fantasy purposes, and was favored massively against the struggling Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins shocked everyone with a dominating performance, defeating the Ravens 22-10.

What the hell happened with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens? It was Thursday night.

My friend told me about the Thursday Night Football curse being an actual thing and now I am superstitious about it. I guess maybe you shouldn’t start anyone on Thursday unless your name is Christian McCaffrey or Patrick Mahomes.

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something spooky about Thursday night.

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